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Anna Corinna


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Admittedly, I have followed the owner of this store everywhere she goes, from the flea markets, to Foley and Corinna, and now to Williamsburg. It was ugly cold outside when we visited, but inside...PARADISE! The store is gorgeous! Every warm and bright nook had me captivated, and wanting...of every single thing, from the vintage Chanel blouse, to the clip-on birds of paradise (my new obsession). You don't have to know vintage, or even know what you want. If you know you like unique, pretty stuff, then visit this store. I didn't want to leave.

D R P.

This is the most beautiful Vintage store in Williamsburg that I have dubbed Stevie Nick's Dreamatorium! It has the best curated items including paintings, jewelry, accessories and clothing. I will be returning here again and again.

Stacey F.